Found: Mysterious Mars Rock with… Something on it

Strange Rock found by Mars Rover with strange imagery

You view the photos and decide.

Credit goes out to¬† as they are the first instance of this story we can find, posted October 10, 2014. The photo in question was taken on August 31, 2014 by the Mars Rover. Here is the original photo copied directly from the “” website.
(Original JPL link)

Mars Mysterious Column Photo

In the 2 o’clock position of the photo, is an anomalous rock appearing to be laying on it’s side pointing up and away from the rover. The rock looks to be a fragment of a column with horizontal lines wrapping around it with a band of of imagery.


Mars Column Photo Cropped

Mars Mystery Rock Cropped

Mars Mysterious Column Photo Cropped Rotated

Mars Mystery Rock Cropped & Rotated

Mars Column Photo Cropped Rotate CCed

Mars Mystery Rock Cropped, Rotated & Color Corrected

Mars Column Photo Cropped Rotate Grey

Mars Mystery Rock B&W, Exposure Corrected

  • 1st photo: Enlarged & Cropped
  • 2nd photo: Rotated
  • 3rd photo: Color Corrected to show mystery runes
  • 4th photo: B&W version to show more detail


  • Strange weathering of stone?
  • NASA hoax?
  • Visual anomaly?
  • Real?

You decide.  Thank you for spreading the truth.


We have not added anything to the photo or changed the raw data of the original. Original photo and all other versions copyright 2014 Jet Propulsion Laboratories, NASA, USA.

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